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Nello Balan No Longer Involved With His Namesake Money Magnet, Nello

The restaurateur is still an owner, but after a falling out with his business partner, he no longer works at the restaurant.


After 25 years, Nello Balan is no longer at his eponymous Madison Avenue restaurant, known for its prime location and pricey pastas, because of a conflict with his partner Thomas Makkos. "I am still one of the owners of Nello, but my heart is no longer there; I am opening my next project this summer with my new partner, billionaire Oswaldo Karam,'' explained the restaurateur. That project will be two restaurants and a club in the space at 14 East 58th St that previously housed B & Co. Makkos declined to discuss details of the disagreement, and would only say, "We are still friends, but business is business.''

For now, Nello can be found dining at his former competition.  "I have lunch and dinner every day at Cipriani,'' he said.

Update: Makkos tells Eater that Balan is actually no longer a partner in the restaurant.


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