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Sussman Brothers Dub Their Middle Eastern Restaurant Samesa, Still Don't Have a Space

It's got business cards and a website, but no home yet.


It looks like Max and Eli Sussman's Middle Eastern restaurant now has a name, and that name is Samesa. The duo posted this Instagram yesterday of a spiffy-looking business card for what can only be the restaurant they plan to open on the Lower East Side:

Samesa. Coming soon. 2015. #samesa #schwarma

A photo posted by Max and eli (@thesussmans) on

The restaurant also has a website, though it's just a placeholder for now.

The brothers, meanwhile, fresh off their jobs at Mile End (Eli) and the Cleveland (Max) are headed to Montauk for the summer, where they'll cook at the hipster beach hotel Ruschmeyer's. They tell Eater that they still haven't found a space for Samesa, but while they're busy cooking out east, a third business partner will be busy hunting for a space, so they can get to work as soon as possible.