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Sushi Park Chef Sues Landlord Over Injuries He Received in the East Village Blast

Machendra Chongbang is seeking 'unspecified damages' for injuries to the head, knee, and stomach.

Machendra Chongbang, a chef who was working at Sushi Park when the disastrous explosion took place in its kitchen last month, is suing the building owners for injuries he received from the blast. In the suit, he says the force from the gas explosion caused him to fall through the floor into the restaurant's basement, where he sustained a severe concussion as well as injuries to the stomach and knee.

Con Edison now blames the explosion on the numerous illegal gas hookups it discovered in the wreckage of the building, so Chongbang is suing the owners, Maria A. Hrynenko Realty, for creating "a dangerous and defective condition," and not warning tenants about it. This is the second lawsuit filed against the landlord in relation to the explosion — two women have already sought $20 million over "psychological damage" — and the first to be filed over actual physical injuries. Chongbang, who came here from Nepal seeking political asylum, is now unable to work with his injuries, and says he also suffers from PTSD.