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New Delivery App Arcade Offers Just One Dish from One Restaurant Every Day

To order, just type "yes."

Official Site

For those that are overwhelmed by the sheer number of restaurants and steps required to place a food order through most online delivery services, there's a new app called Arcade that eliminates almost all decisions a person might have to make about their lunch.

Here's how it works: every day Arcade features just one dish, from a popular New York restaurant (which will change daily) – it could be dan dan noodles from Han Dynasty, it could be a bacon cheeseburger from Burger Joint, it could be borscht from Veselka. Users get a text at 10 a.m. telling them what the day's dish is, and just have to reply "yes" via text by 11 a.m. if they want that dish for lunch. Arcade promises all the food will be made to order, and will be delivered by 1 p.m.

Founder Shaunak Amin is not new to the booming food delivery app business. He's also the brains behind Served by Stadium, which allows indecisive diners to order of different dishes from multiple restaurants. Pretty smart trying to corner the market both on people who think Seamless is too complicated and people who don't think Seamless is complicated enough. But does something like Arcade have staying power? Or will the novelty wear off?