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San Marzano Finally Back in Action on 2nd Avenue Following Gas Line Trouble

The Italian restaurant took weeks to reopen after the East Village explosion, and then was promptly closed again when illegal gas work was discovered in the building.

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San Marzano, the Italian restaurant that only recently relocated from the Lower East Side to the East Village, is back open again, following a rough few weeks on 2nd Avenue. The restaurant is right across the street from where an explosion caused three buildings to collapse last month, and was unable to reopen for over two weeks after the disaster. Then a week ago, just 10 days after it finally did get back up and running, it was forced to shut down once again, after Con Ed found some suspicious gas work in the building and issued a stop work order. It sounds like the restaurant (unlike Carnegie Deli) had nothing to do with the illegal gas work – the building is owned by the same person who owned the building where the explosion took place, and work was found in the basement as well as the restaurant – but nonetheless, it was without gas.

EV Grieve reports that San Marzano finally got back in business Friday, hopefully for good this time. Maria Hrynenko, the landlord, is still under investigation for her role in the gas line tampering.

San Marzano

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