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At Santina, Adam Platt Finds Hits, Misses, and a Great Fish Sandwich

The New York critic reviews the beachy Italian hotspot in the Meatpacking District.

Daniel Krieger

Santina, the newest restaurant from the Torrisi guys, has been making the rounds among the critics recently, and this week Adam Platt chimes in. He's not quite as charmed by the tropical setting as Pete Wells or Steve Cuozzo were, but he finds a few hits on the menu:

The most successful pastas tend to be mixed with plump mussels (chitarra Santina) or chunks of cracked blue crab, and you can complement them with a series of rice dishes (try the shrimp zingara) that are marginally lighter than your average risotto and just as compulsively edible

The small plates fare better than the entrees, where there are some duds, and Platt also gives a special shout-out to the lunch-only fried fish sandwich, which he deems worth a special trip. In the end he gives it two stars, the same as Wells and Ryan Sutton, though his are on a scale of five, not four.


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