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Opening Alert: Marc Meyer Shows Off His Mexican Cooking With Rosie's in the East Village

The chef behind Cookshop has spent years studying Mexican cuisine, and promises an authentic menu.

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Tonight Rosie's, the new Mexican restaurant from Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman, the duo behind such neighborhood hits as Vic's, Cookshop, and Hundred Acres, opens in the East Village. And although the city has been on a Tex-Mex kick recently, this place takes the opposite route, with more traditional Mexican fare. The space, which used to house the Greek restaurant Boukies, is now outfitted with a traditional Mexican comal at the center, which will be used for much of the cooking. It has 90 seats, a big bar, and retractable doors on two sides for that sweet, sweet al fresco dining situation.

The menu: Meyer has been traveling to Mexico and studying Mexican food since the 80s, so he's no amateur. He and chefs Angel Andrade (of Cookshop) and Chester Gerl (of Hundred Acres) are grinding their own masa, and serving dishes like huaraches, seafood in a smoky clam broth, whole roasted chicken, and various ceviches. At the 12 seats around the comal in the center, the chefs will also serve masa-based bites. To drink there are cocktails, plenty of tequila and mezcal, and some aguas frescas.

Rosie's Menu


162 Northwest 73rd Street, , FL 33150 (305) 631-2496 Visit Website