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Ramen Lab Ditches Its Menu in Favor of Guest Chef Pop-Ups

First up, Ichicoro Ramen with a series of 'Tampa-style' ramens.

Daniel Krieger

Ramen Lab, the uber popular 10 seat ramen bar from the noodle experts at Sun, will replace chef Jack Nakamura's chicken shoyu and vegetarian miso ramens with offerings from a series of guest ramen chefs starting May 11. This new "incubator"/pop-up concept, which is meant to mentor ramen chefs with restaurants in the works, will start with Tampa's upcoming Ichicoro. Chef Noel Cruz plans to test drive his tonkotsu and vegetable ramens, and a spicy abura soba.

Meanwhile, Nakamura is launching a consulting business called Ramen Tech, which will provide further training for chefs and restaurateurs, so apparently this new version Ramen Lab is all about the education — or brand development, seeing as Sun sells its noodles to many of the country's top ramen-yas.

No word yet on the line up of chefs that will replace Ichicoro in early June, but they are supposedly coming from all over the US and Japan.