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Eagle Provisions's Sign Disappears in Middle of the Night, Just Weeks Before Shutter [UPDATE]

Owner Robert Zawinsky hopes to reopen a smaller version of the shop down the road.


The South Slope house that kielbasa and beer built, Eagle Provisions is slated to close in a month, but vandals people are already starting to pick it apart. Last night, the Polish market's iconic sign was ripped down and with it, some of the building's siding. Owner Richard Zawisny, who opened the shop in 1979 with his father and brother after the family immigrated from Poland, is sad and indignant about the <strike>theft</a> incident, telling Eater: "I don't know what the hell happened." [Update: Zawisny says he gave permission to some customers to take one of the shop's beer signs, but that was it.]

Zawinsky sold the building recently for what he calls "a lot of money," but wouldn't specify quite how much. It was originally listed for $9 million and was purchased by a developer who plans to put in a building with three retail fronts and 28 apartments.

Zawinsky needs to be out by June 4 and expects his last day will be about a month from now. After the shutter, he plans to visit the Empire State Building and the Bronx Zoo, things says he's had on his bucket list since arriving in the States decades ago.

"This was my father's dream, to own a business in America," he says. It's one that he hopes to keep alive with a new, smaller version of Eagle Provisions down the road. He says the name may change, but hopefully, the kielbasa links will follow. Alas, the sign may not.

Update: Commenter ESimpson unwittingly caught the moment. She says the sign was removed at around 8:30 p.m., while plenty of people were around. Here's her photo:

UPDATE: A man named Brad, who declined to give his last name, tells Eater that he was granted full permission by the owners to remove the signs. He also noted that he started the work while the shop was still open and the owner was on the premises. He says he stopped by the following day to check in. The owner was frustrated that the removal of the sign revealed a hole in the facade, but "did not indicate that we took more than we were told we could take."

Eagle Provisions

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