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Celeb Chef Angelo Sosa Sued for Not Crediting Cookbook Co-Author

Shirley Fan says she's owed a final payment and credit for her work.

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Anejo Tribeca

Anejo owner/Top Cheftestapant and general celeb chef Angelo Sosa is under fire some troublesome cookbook dealings. A lawsuit filed this week in New York accuses the chef and his collaborator, radio personality Angie Martinez, of cheating their cookbook co-author Shirley Fan out of credit and payment for her work on Healthy Latin Eating. In the suit, Fan says Martinez repeatedly broke their contract by being unavailable or ill prepared for meetings. More egregiously, she took Fan's name off of the cover of the book. Sosa and Martinez, also, allegedly haven't given Fan her final book payment of $10,000. Fan claims in the suit that she owns the exclusive copyright to the manuscript. She is seeking an unspecified sum, but asks for several things including 50 percent of royalties from the book sales and for Sosa and Martinez to credit her. She's currently listed as a contributor on the book's Amazon page, but it's unclear when that was listed.

Anejo Tribeca

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