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Danny Meyer Regrets Not Buying Up NYC Real Estate Back in the Day

Union Square Cafe has left than nine months left in its original home.

Nick Solares

With less than nine months left on Union Square Cafe's lease, owner and prince of New York's restaurant scene Danny Meyer is really starting to regret not having bought up real estate. "For all those restaurateurs out there: Buy!" he said emphatically at a Tribeca Film Festival panel yesterday. "If I had had the foresight or the funding to have owned every one of our restaurants, then that would have been a great thing to do." The only restaurant space Meyer owns is Gramercy Tavern's home on 20th Street, which he managed to get for a cool $2.9 million in 2003. "It has truly become so much about real estate in New York City, about making a good bet early on," he added, reports the Daily News. Meyer hasn't shared any new updates on the relocation of Union Square Cafe, but fingers crossed that the icon will live on.