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Gansevoort Market Owners Say They Won't Be Kicked Out by McNally Icon Pastis

The market has a short lease, so anything is fair game in another 18 months.


The hearts of Pastis fans everywhere skipped a beat late last month when rumors surfaced that Gotham's bistro king Keith McNally was eyeing the new and rather roomy Gansevoort Market space for Pastis' resurrection. But, the market's owners insist they won't be kicked out by McNally. "Gansevoort Market isn't going anywhere....[it's] going strong and gearing up for a busy season ahead," market spokeswoman Ashley Jaffe told DNAinfo. The market's lease, however is rather short, just around two years, which means it will come up sometime around October 2016. McNally hasn't released a timeline for the re-opening yet, so it's possible he's still eyeing this space, but it's certainly not the only one open nearby.

Gansevoort Market

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