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HBO Shuts Down Videology's Game of Thrones Screenings, Doesn't Care About Other Bars

Videology was served with a cease and desist, but plenty of other bars are still showing Game of Thrones.


Williamsburg bar and screening room Videology has cancelled its long-running weekly Game of Thrones watching party forever. The bar's team received a cease and desist letter from HBO that said "As a pay subscription service, HBO should not be made available in public establishments," reports the Post. Videology's team posted to Facebook: "We feel really bad that we're not allowed to show it. We don't have a choice....Sorry guys. No Game of Thrones showing tonight. Or ever. Not our choice. #WinterIsHere." Fans aren't happy.

A number of bars around the city like Professor Thom's in the East Village air the show and haven't received letters from HBO. The fact that Videology uses a "screening room" seems to have forced it to the top of the list. According to a source connected to the bar, "The trigger for HBO is establishments attempting to make a profit off the program."


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