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San Marzano on 2nd Avenue Shuttered After Gas Work Discovered in Building

The building that houses San Marzano is owned by the same person who owned the building that exploded last month.

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Pasta spot San Marzano only just reopened on April 11 from 2nd Avenue explosion, but now, EV Grieve is reporting that it's closed again. The Department of Buildings served a stop work order for the building that houses it this weekend, when an inspector observed "gas piping in the restaurant...and cellar disconnected, caped, and being pressure tested by the plumbers" without permits.

The building is owned by Maria Hrynenko, who was also the landlord at 121 2nd Avenue, the site of the blast, which inspectors believe was caused by illegal gas siphoning. It's unclear if the work at 117 2nd Avenue was ordered by her or by the restaurant's owners, but there's a note in the window saying the restaurant hopes to return at a later, unknown date. San Marzano has had a bit of a rough life. The restaurant was forced out of its Lower East Side home in March of last year when a pipe burst.

Meanwhile, lunch counter legend B & H, which remains shuttered from the blast, will hopefully reopen in a week. Stage Restaurant, another lunch counter old-timer on the block, is also still closed, fighting eviction following troubles of its own with illegal gas work.

San Marzano

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