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BrisketTown's Daniel Delaney Teases Top Secret Fried Chicken Project

BrisketTown's owner has been busy with birds lately.

Daniel Krieger

Barbecue expert and BrisketTown mayor Daniel Delaney has been working on a top secret fried chicken mission lately, and just today posted this cryptic message to his website:

We locked ourselves away in the bowels of Brooklyn armed with more chicken than one could eat in a lifetime....Free from human contact we fried and fried again...The months of toiling over a cauldron of fat will soon see the light of day...H8RZ Beware.

So far, the chicken hasn't shown up on the menu at BrisketTown, but it could make its debut there or somewhere else. Delaney is currently seeking a liquor license for a former warehouse space in Greenpoint — could he be planning a fried chicken restaurant there? Or could he be channeling David Chang, who is getting ready to unleash his own fast-casual fried chicken empire, Fuku? Where Delaney's birds will land is still unclear, but stay tuned and check out Delaney's #cockpocalypse2015 on Instagram for lots of fried chicken shots.