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Trash Bar's Owner Can't Convince NIMBYs His New Bar Will Be Low-Key

He struck out again last night with the Williamsburg community board.

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Trash Bar owner Aaron Pierce isn't having much luck with community support for his new low-key adult-friendly bar at 63 Montrose Street in Williamsburg. Last night, Community Board 1's SLA committee voted against a liquor license for the space for the third time, reports Bedford + Bowery. The issues are numerous: one member of a neighboring housing co-op voiced concern about the proximity to the a park where families spend their time and over parking issues. Another woman, who lives in the building over the proposed bar, said she is worried about the fact that the basement section of the bar would be accessible through the lobby of the building: "I live on the third floor, and [people] could be hiding on the third floor when I come home from work and attack me."

But Trash Bar itself, a classic dive that rocks until all hours, may be the biggest issue. The bar is slated to close this spring and around the time Pierce announced the bar would relocate because of a rent hike, he signed the lease at 63 Montrose. While he promises it was merely a coincidence and that this space would only allow acoustic music, neighbors aren't convinced. The SLA could still chose to approve the license without community support, though that is a relatively rare occurrence. Stay tuned.