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Surprise: Mission Cantina Swaps Out Vietnamese Brunch For New Mexican Menu

The ever-unpredictable Danny Bowien has decided that Mission Cantina will now serve all Mexican, all the time.

Mission Cantina
Mission Cantina

Hipster chef extraordinaire Danny Bowien announced via Twitter last night that he's ditching the Vietnamese brunch at Mission Cantina (after a nearly five month run) and replacing it with a menu that fits in closer with the restaurant's original Mexican theme. This new brunch, which debuts today, will be available on weekends from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and features dishes like chilaquiles, torta ahogada, and tamales. Check out the full list of offerings, below:

Given Bowien's track record of whimsical menu changes, it's hard to be sure if this new format will stick, but that's half the fun of his restaurants anyway. So stay tuned, you'll know more as we do.

Mission Cantina

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