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Viand Cafe, Mike Bloomberg's Go-To Upper East Side Diner, to Close

For years this favorite neighborhood spot is where Bloomberg held his power breakfasts.


Viand Cafe, the turquoise-accented Madison Avenue diner where former mayor Mike Bloomberg has held many a power breakfast, will close for good after dinner on Saturday. As Maria Despotis-Kadas, the daughter of the owner tells the Daily News, the diner simply hasn't been making money recently, and the decision to close it was a quick one.

Though it seems Mr. Bloomberg (whose mansion is blocks away) hasn't been to his favorite local diner recently, back in the day he used to come in all the time for his standard breakfast of soft boiled eggs and "well-done" toast. According to an old 2007 Daily New report, it's also where he might get a burger for dinner, and where he "often practice[d] his Spanish on his morning waitress."

As some consolation, a second outpost of Viand, in the Beacon Hotel on the Upper West Side, is doing just fine, and will remain open. And it's not related to the Viand Coffee Shop down on 61st Street and Madison, which is also still open.

Viand Cafe

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