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Endangered LES Dive 169 Bar Is Safe After Settling Underage Drinking Lawsuit

The bar will pay a few thousand dollars in fines and add more protections against underage drinking.


Lower East Side dive 169 Bar, which was recently sued by the city for allegedly serving alcohol to minors, thankfully won't be going anywhere. The city was pushing for what sounds like a pretty drastic sentence: to shut the bar down for a year and sell "all material, equipment and instrumentality used in the creation and maintenance of the public nuisance." But, this morning, the two sides agreed to a tamer settlement, reports Animal. The punishment? A few thousand dollars in fines and some required upgrades to security and screening, like the installation of a video surveillance system and an ID scanner, as well as mandatory training in alcohol awareness for employees.

It's unclear what forced the city to settle. There was some debate over the sting mentioned in the suit where two undercover and under age police officers allegedly entered the bar and ordered a couple of beers on November 19 and 20 of last year. 169 Bar owner Charles Hanson claims that at least one of the cop's IDs was fake, making the sting illegal. But, today, Hanson's lawyer seems to be denying the whole incident: "We still believe that there was no one under 21 drinking in the bar." Either way, the duo doesn't expect the city to stay on its back going forward. The neighbor whose persistent calls to 311 launched the whole debacle, seems to have settled down.

169 Bar

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