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Watch the Original Shake Shack Be Rebuilt in Glorious Time Lapse

Construction is almost finished on the Madison Square Park Shake Shack.

Current Shack status.
Current Shack status.
Official Site

The Extreme Makeover, Shake Shack Edition is almost over. The remake of the original Madison Square Park Shack is getting ready for its big reveal, and Danny Meyer wants fans to be able to watch every step of the transformation. There's a construction cam on the Shake Shack website, which is kind of like the usual line cam except that it documents every piece of siding installed and every cloud passing overhead. In truth, it's a bit boring to watch incremental progress, so Meyer's team took a slew of photos from the cam and turned them into this 32 second time lapse, showing the progress from sad skeleton back to lovable burger stand.

The Shack applied for a permit to host a return party on May 8 in the park, but hasn't confirmed an official opening date quite yet. Still, judging by today's live update, it's just about ready for action.

Shake Shack

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