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Five Totally Unique Burger Chain Outposts in New York City

The thing about fast food chains is that most of them are exactly the same. But in such a diverse city as New York, there are bound to be outliers. So which McDonald's is equipped with a DJ booth? Where can you get table service at Burger King? Read on.

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Flickr/Enrique Cespedes

Sadly, the McDonald's at 160 Broadway has declined somewhat from its former glory. It used to be the only McDonald's in the city to have a working baby grand piano installed on a mezzanine above the entrance, and would regularly host musicians to perform on said piano. Alas, when the owner renovated last year he decided that the piano no longer fit with the decor. But he did replace it with a DJ booth, where a live DJ can regularly be found spinning tracks. 160 Broadway, Financial District

The Burger King on Liberty Street, near the 9/11 Memorial, is quite possibly the city's only Burger King to offer table service (even Shake Shack doesn't do that). That's right, during lunch, sit upstairs and a waiter will bring you Whopper to the table for you. This Burger King also recently secured a liquor license, so it's now one of the few of its kind to offer beer alongside fountain soda (now that the BK Whopper Bar is no longer). 106 Liberty Street, Financial District

Anyone who's spent any time in Chinatown will be familiar with the Bowery McDonald's. This is the McDonald's that looks like a bright red pagoda, tucked back into the building that houses it. It's kitschy and Instagram-friendly on the outside, but unfortunately that's as far as the uniqueness goes. Inside it's just your average fast food restaurant, somewhere on the spectrum of mediocre to terrible. 26 Bowery, Chinatown

Not too far from the Bowery McDonald's is the Canal Street McDonald's, another unique specimen of the ubiquitous burger chain. This one is in a tall, narrow, cast iron building painted 100 percent black from top to bottom. Again, nothing too special on the inside except for the free wifi, and the fact that it's three stories, but it's a good place to take your goth friends. The building has also apparently been around since 1862, when it was used as a storage building, so it's also a good spot for history buffs. 262 Canal Street, Chinatown

Perched above the West Village Five Guys is a "secret" cocktail bar called the Garret. It's not a well-kept secret, and the bar is often packed, but it's still the only place to get a fancy drink and a Five Guys burger simultaneously. In fact, the menu includes burgers unavailable at any regular Five Guys, like one doused in Luger sauce, and another topped with Ottomanelli Brothers prosciutto. Alternatively, since you have to walk through the actual Five Guys to get to the stairs, just stuff your pockets with peanuts from that big barrel and head up. 296 Bleecker Street, West Village