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There's a New All-Potato Restaurant in Town, and It's Called Burlap Sack

Is this the worst-named restaurant in New York?


A new restaurant going by the unfortunate name of Burlap Sack is opening soon in Murray Hill. What sort of restaurant is this, exactly? Why, it's a potato eatery of course. The model here appears to be quite similar to Potatopia, the potato-centric mini chain that opened in Greenwich Village in 2013. Even the space looks similar: narrow, with a small number of tables and stools, and a large counter at the back. And like Potatopia, the menu consists of potatoes in various forms (fried, baked, as tater tots, etc.) and a mix-and-match assemblage of toppings like mini turkey meatballs, broccoli, buffalo sauce, queso, or ranch aioli.

On Facebook and Instagram, Burlap Sack promises that an opening date is imminent. Will Burlap Sack do it better than Potatopia does? Is there room in this city for more than one gussied-up baked potato bar? All that remains to be seen.

Burlap Sack

507 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10016 Visit Website