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Who Is Dr. Jeffrey Jay and Why Does He Love Han Dynasty So Much?

A mysterious "oriental doctor/psychotherapist/French gourmet chef" has plastered the Upper West Side with flyers about how much he loves Han Dynasty.

Twitter/Elaine Ronson

One enthusiastic customer with access to a printer has been plastering the Upper West Side with signs proclaiming his love for the neighborhood's brand new Sichuan hot spot Han Dynasty. Here's one of them:

Perhaps the multi-talented doctor hasn't heard of Yelp, or perhaps it's just beneath him. Either way this is apparently not a stunt being pulled by the restaurant, nor is Dr. Jeffrey Jay being compensated for his endorsement. As owner Han Chiang tells West Side Rag, Dr. Jay came in the first night the restaurant opened, and "ordered like five entrees, then he came back like five minutes later with these flyers." He has come back every night since, either to eat or just to check in.

The generous doctor has also offered his design advice to the Philadelphia restaurateurs, suggesting that they create a lounge in the front area of the restaurant. And as if being an oriental doctor/psychotherapist/French gourmet chef weren't enough, Dr. Jay has also revealed to the Han Dynasty team that he believes he is the reincarnation of a doctor to a Han Dynasty-era emperor.

Han Dynasty

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