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Mexican-Themed Bro Den Senor Frog's Announces Its Arrival in Times Square

Things that happen in the Caribbean should probably stay there.

Official Site

Grade A shit show Senor Frog's has nearly arrived in Times Square, two years after announcing its plans to open a tropical nightmare palace in NYC.

Finally, signs of the Cancun-themed bar I was promised when my office moved into this Times Sq building!

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For those lucky enough to have never visited the chain's outposts in the Caribbean, tourist-y parts of Mexico, Vegas, or Miami, let us explain: drinks like the Froggi-tini come in giant "yard glasses," a human-sized frog statue greets guests at the door, and Shots Shots Shots plays on an almost non-stop loop.

In case that wasn't clear enough, here's one of their promo videos:

The Times Square outpost is entirely underground, so if you can't resist, at least no one outside will see.

Senor Frogs

11 Times Square, New York, NY