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Freemans' Taavo Somer Eyes Antonioni's Space for 'French New Wave' Restaurant

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Somer's pairing up with co-owner of The Smile Carlos Quirarte.

Antonioni's orange safari wallpaper won't be sticking around.
Antonioni's orange safari wallpaper won't be sticking around.
Daniel Krieger

Freemans co-owner Taavo Somer is planning to expand his empire on Rivington. He and Carlos Quirarte, a co-owner of The Smile, are eyeing the recently shuttered Antonioni's space, reports Bowery Boogie. The pair submitted an application to Community Board 3 for a 16 table "French New Wave health food" restaurant (whatever that means) under the name Swiss White Int'l LLC. The space is pretty much in Freemans' front yard, and was already given a liquor license for Antonioni's, so Somer and Quirarte likely won't have any problems getting approval from the SLA. Say goodbye to that orange safari wallpaper.


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