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Sichuan Sensation Han Dynasty Opens Enormous Upper West Side Outpost Today

The smash hit Philadelphia import surprises the Upper West Side with an early opening.

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It was announced last Thursday that the Upper West Side expansion of Han Dynasty, the wildly popular Philadelphia-based Sichuan chain, would open next week. But now owner Han Chiang tells Eater that the restaurant will in fact be open today at noon. He emphasized that it will be a "soft opening" and that there will be no liquor for a couple of weeks, until the restaurant's license comes through, but he still encourages diners to "come and celebrate our new venture."

With approximately 180 seats, and private banquet rooms, the Upper West Side restaurant is substantially bigger than the chains first location in the East Village, which opened in the fall of 2013. The menu will be the same as the one downtown, though Chiang says that there may be some slight price hikes on select dishes due to the "much higher rent" at the new location. Unlike downtown, where lengthy waits are the norm, the Upper West Side Han Dynasty will also offer reservations. For now those can be made by calling the restaurant directly at 212-858-9060, but Chiang expects to have online reservations up and running in the near future.

Han Dynasty

215 West 85th Street, Manhattan, NY 10024 (212) 858-9060 Visit Website