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Shelley's Bar Packs It in After 66 Years; Chocolate Bar Is Done

Say farewell to Lan Cafe, Ethos Meze, and more.

Chocolate Bar is gone.
Chocolate Bar is gone.

1) WOODSIDE — The nearly 70-year-old neighborhood staple Shelley's Bar shuttered Monday night after the NCAA finals. The bar, which was previously known as K.C. Moore's had struggled in recent years, and the landlord wouldn't renew the lease. [DNAinfo]

2) WEST VILLAGE — After 13 years on 8th Avenue, Chocolate Bar owner Alison Nelson wrote to her employees to say that she was packing up the cafe: "Over the past year we have fought the struggle with rising costs and stagnant sales due to street construction and difficult weather...All of this has taken a steady and sometimes biting toll upon us and our operations. Know that it is with a very heavy heart that I have made this decision." A for lease sign is already hanging in the window, but the online store still going and so is the New Jersey location and the 15 outlets in places like Dubai, Qatar, and Australia. [JMVN]

3) EAST VILLAGE — Inexpensive vegan Vietnamese restaurant Lan Cafe is closing at the end of the month when the restaurant's lease is up. [EV Grieve]

4) TRIBECA — Breakfast and lunch spot Zoie's Cafe, which claimed (at least on its sign) to have the "Best Food in Tribeca," has shuttered after 13 years. The space was sold and is already being gutted. [TC]

5) EAST VILLAGE — Mediterranean restaurant Ethos Meze, which opened this location last July, has been dark for two weeks. There's a sign in the window saying it is closed for renovations, but neighbors haven't heard work being done. The space is on the market for $16,500 a month and $650,000 in key money. [EV Grieve]