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Bruno Pizza Brings Bottarga and Country Ham Pies to Union Square Any Week Now

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Check out the preliminary pizza menu, which makes use of fermented tomatoes, nutritional yeast, Benton's country ham, RAMPS, and more.

Restaurant designer and owner Demian Repucci has been spending his days testing pizzas and working with his construction crew near Union Square to get Bruno Pizza up and running, hopefully by the last week of this month. Though, with a few delays, that date may be pushed into May. In the meantime, he's meeting with Amanda Cohen's labor lawyer and strongly considering adopting a tipping policy like Cohen's, which charges diners a flat 20 percent service fee, instead of asking them to tip. The new policy allows Cohen to pay her waiters a consistent salary.

Repucci, who plans to mill his own 00 pizza flour in Bruno's basement, is also working on securing a source for his wheat from upstate, but his chefs already have a strong idea of what will go atop the pizzas. Justin Slojkowski and Dave Gulino, best known as the guys who served the wildly popular tasting menu at Box Kite, have put together a tentative pizza menu with sunchokes and bottarga pies. Repucci warns that toppings might change slightly based on what's in the market when the doors finally open. Slojkowski and Gulino's tasting menu will come once things settle down after the opening.

Margherita — crushed fresh and fermented tomatoes, house mozzarella, herbs, aged Sartori Romano
Country ham — house ricotta, mozzarella, Benton's country ham, nettles
White — smoked house mozzarella, baby artichoke, sopressata picante, lamb's quarters
N'duja — persimmon, pickled scape, various basils, Consider Bardwell Farm 'Manchester' goat cheese
Mushroom — hen of the woods, ramps, walnut pesto, Jasper Hill Farm 'Winnimere'
Sunchoke — caramelized onion, pink lady apple, nutritional yeast, dandelion
Fermentato — crushed and fermented tomatoes, house mozzarella, house kimchi sausage, black garlic, herbs
Bottarga — house ricotta, Anna Maria 'Cortez Bottarga', lemon, clay pepper, young lettuce greens

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Bruno Pizza

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