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Take A Look Around El Original, A Sprawling Hell's Kitchen Tex-Mexer

Here is an inside look at the latest restaurant bringing Tex-Mex to NYC..

New York City is currently headed into what will surely be remembered as the summer of queso. Hot on the heals of Javelina opening in Union Square, El Original opened last week, bringing the Tex-Mex trend to Hell's Kitchen. El Original is far more ambitious than the modest Javelina, with 140 seats divided in to three dining areas, a lengthy bar, and flat screen TVs through out. The elaborate interior design uses reclaimed wood from a 150 year old barn, vintage appliances, and assorted relics from an abandoned mansion in El Paso, TX, including giant sliding doors that reveal one of those flatscreen TVs. Two lion heads watch over the bar, and the rest of the space is littered with knick-knacks like old paperback novels and used pottery.

The restaurant is the brainchild of James Beard award winning author and blogger Lisa Fain, of Homesick Texan fame, and the menu featurs such Tex-Mex staples as Frito pie, queso, tacos, and enchiladas. The full bar offers a selection of tequilas and mezcal, plus margaritas and other tequila cocktails, and wine and beer.

El Original

735 10th Ave, New York, NY