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Citi Field Gets a Pasta Bar from Rao's, Fancy Grilled Cheeses from Josh Capon

The newest things to eat while taking in a Mets game.

Courtesy of Citi Field

It was recently confirmed that both Rao's and chef Josh Capon (of Lure Fishbar, Bowery Meat Company, and others) would be adding their names to the list of vendors at Citi Field. What exactly they'd be serving, however, remained under wraps until today, when the home of the Mets hosted a preview of all it's new food options.

Rao's is technically branded as Rao's Specialty Foods, which links this outpost more to the retail branch responsible for the jars of Rao's sauce found in grocery stores than to the exclusive red sauce institution. As to be expected, it offers some Italian classics like lemon chicken, a chicken cacciatore hero, and a braised sausage sandwich, as well as a pasta bar with a couple basic sauce options.

The Capon venture was harder to predict. Based on his current range, it could have been anything from a burger joint to a taqueria to a sushi place. But it is in fact none of those things. It is, in fact, a grilled cheese stand. Pressed by Josh Capon, as it has been dubbed, will sell "artisanal" grilled cheeses like three-cheese with onion jam and bacon, braised shortrib with tallegio and roasted tomato jam, and a muffaletta like the one he serves on the bar menu at Bowery Meat Company. Everything is $10, and everything comes with salt and vinegar potato chips.

Rao's, as previously revealed, will be located in the semi-exclusive Caesar's Club, on the "Excelsior Level" of the stadium. Pressed will be field level, in section 125, near the third base line. The first chance to try them will be Monday, April 13 – opening day.

Citi Field

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