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Chick-Fil-A Promises to Open in NYC This Year, After Failing to Do So Last Year

There could be "a grand opening to announce by late summer/early fall."


It's been almost a year since Chick-Fil-A teased New Yorkers with the promise that they would finally get a real outpost (or many outposts) of the fried chicken chain in 2014. Now it's 2015, and there's still only that one, largely inaccessible Chick-Fil-A Express in the NYU dining hall. But not for long.

Or at least, so a representative tells Thrillist. If she's to be believed, Chick-Fil-A will open in NYC "later this year," and though it's "premature for us to confirm further details," there could be a "grand opening to announce by late summer/early fall."

If and when Chick-Fil-A finally scatters its chicken biscuits across NYC, it will do so with an eye towards millenials (the most coveted demographic for every fast food giant). This, according to plans outlined by CEO Dan Cathy last year, will involve open kitchens, natural wood decor, and an attempt to do away with corn syrup, preservatives, and plastic.

So keep an eye out, and send any signs or rumors of incoming millenial-focused fried chicken chains to