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Condos Force Cafe Boca Ciega Out of Tribeca; Nicky's Vietnamese Goes Dark

Say a final farewell.

Cafe Boca Ciega during better days.
Cafe Boca Ciega during better days.

Tribeca: Cuban coffee shop Cafe Boca Ciega closed this week after just a year. A 19-story condo building is going in its place, reports the Tribeca Citizen. The team posted a note on Facebook saying: "To all our family, friends and neighbors, we regretfully have to inform you that we will be closing this location for the time being..... Please continue to follow us on Instagram for future location updates." The cafe had a strong following, so it seems likely that the team hasn't poured its last cup of coffee.

Clinton Hill: French/American restaurant Three Letters shuttered recently after two years in business and owner Pip Freeman is looking for someone to take over the lease, notes DNAinfo. Fun fact for the music history buffs out there: The restaurant is located on the corner of the street where legendary rapper Biggie Smalls was raised. The intersection was almost named after him, but community officials, in a controversial move, didn't sign off on it.

East Village: Just shy of its three year anniversary, Proto's Pizza has cooled its ovens, says EV Grieve.

East Village: Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches has been dark for a week, reports EV Grieve. The phone number has also been disconnected. The FiDi location, which now goes by the name Quynh's Banh Mi, still seems to be in working order.

Park Slope: Irish bar Cyprus Avenue and Black Sheep pub, which is just around the corner, both appear to have shuttered, notes Here's Park Slope. The bars are dark and not shoveling their sidewalks. Cyprus did shutter for two months for renovations in 2012, so it's possible that it will make a comeback, but the phone line has been disconnected, so it doesn't seem likely.