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50-Year-Old Reynold's Cafe Closes Without Warning in Washington Heights

This Irish bar lasted 50 years in Washington Heights.

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Reynold's Cafe, one of the last Irish bars in Washington Heights, closed last week. A spokeswoman from the management told Gothamist that the owners "did not leave because of a rent hike." But the bar's manager, Patrick Smith, got the Community Board to approve the bar's application for a renewed liquor license just last month, so it doesn't seem like the closure was planned. According to Dave Hunt, owner of neighboring Coogan's Restaurant, "This was the last blue-collar drinking bar in the area" so this decision to close may have been money related. He goes on to say that "with the rents, you just cannot make enough on moderately priced drinks." This bar was one of the last Irish businesses in what has become a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, and remained a favorite among locals since it's debut in the mid 60s. Read Robert Simonson's ode to the iconic cafe here

Reynold's Cafe

4241 Broadway, New York, NY 10033