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Epicerie Boulud Will Start Pouring Cocktails to Commuters Downtown in Late 2015

Daniel Boulud got the go-ahead from CB1 for a full liquor license.

Image via Curbed Flickr Pool/ILNY_

When Daniel Boulud's casual cafe and to-go shop Epicerie Boulud opens at the World Trade Center's transportation hub in late 2015, it will be serving cocktails to commuters alongside the usual sandwiches and pastries. The community board gave the liquor license application for a bar and a few small tables the go-ahead at a meeting Wednesday night, notes DNAinfo. This will be the city's third Epicerie Boulud, but the first one to serve hard alcohol (the others just have beer and wine), so it's anyone's guess what the cocktail menu will look like. The food menu will offer a similar selection of sandwiches, salads, and pastries to the Lincoln Center and Plaza outlets.

The hub, which is still looking far from finished, will also be home to Joe and La Colombe coffee, Swedish cafe chain Fika, Brooklyn's Nunu Chocolates, beer emporium Beer Table, and more.