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Greenpoint NIMBYs Fear Floating Bar Will Bring Sloppy Drunks to Transmitter Park

Locals worry bar patrons will "puke and piss in the park."

Facebook/Brooklyn Barge Bar

Greenpoint residents are not so thrilled by the prospect of Brooklyn Barge Bar, the floating bar planned for the area near Transmitter Park. Greenpoint local Rolf Carle fears that the bar will bring an unwanted, drunken element to the neighborhood: "They are going drink at the barge and then come out and puke and piss in the park."

Community Board members were equally hesitant to grant the bar a liquor license—they asked the owners to come back with more information and proof of permits from the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Army Corps of Engineers. The crew behind the bar insists that it's going to be a family-friendly establishment, and that they will build amenities, like bathrooms and kayak storage, which will be available to the public (so what they're saying is, there will be other places to puke?). So far it's still unclear how the committee's going to vote at the Community Board meeting on March 31, so don't count on sipping cocktails while bobbing on the East River just yet.

Brooklyn Barge Bar

91 West Street, Brooklyn , NY 11222