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Manhattan Papa John's Franchisee Ordered to Pay $2.12 Million to Delivery Workers

Ronald Johnson, who owns five Papa John's outposts, is accused of shorting over 400 workers on wages.


A Papa John's franchisee who owns five outposts of the pizza chain in upper Manhattan has just been ordered to pay over $2 million to the hundreds of delivery workers he shorted on wages. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed the suit against owner Ronald Johnson on behalf of 400 delivery workers for a whole slew of wage violations. Among other things, Johnson failed to pay overtime, rounded workers hours down to the nearest whole hour, and forced them to pay for their bikes and equipment.

As Gothamist points out, Johnson is not the first Papa John's franchisee in New York to be charged with wage theft – Schneiderman forced another franchisee to pay $800,000papa over similar violations just a month ago.