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Van Leeuwen's Williamsburg Flagship Will Be an Ice Cream Experimentation Ground

Expect seating for 50 and lots of new flavors.

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Spring will be here soon (hopefully) and when it rolls around, the city will have a new, massive ice cream shop to help celebrate. Van Leeuwen is in the midst of expanding its popular ice cream empire, and after opening its second Manhattan outpost in the West Village a couple of weeks ago, the team is now focusing on an enormous flagship shop in Williamsburg, which should open mid-April. The 1,200-square-foot space, which isn't far from Van Leeuwen's production facility, will act as the brand's flavor experimentation ground. "We'll be able to have rotating ice cream specials all the time," co-owner Laura O'Neill tells DNAinfo. There will also be lots of room to sit down and try out ice cream flavors in the shop. The team is planning seating for 50 at booths and a bar, making this easily one of the city's biggest ice cream shops.

Van Leeuwen Williamsburg

204 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY