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Embattled Los Feliz Back Open After Police Raid, But Still on the Way Out

Rob Shamlian is still planning to unload his LES nightlife venues, Los Feliz included.

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Los Feliz, the Mexican member of Rob Shamlian's cluster of nightlife venues on the Lower East Side, is back in business now, after being raided by the police last week. It may not, however, be around for that long. Shamlian is explicitly trying to dissolve his small LES empire, explaining that the nightclub-hating, frat boy-shaming neighborhood group the LES Dwellers have made it too unpleasant to stick around.

The owners of the Waverly Inn and of Mezetto have put in bids to take over both Los Feliz and Spitzer's Corner, and claim they plan to turn both into more upscale restaurants (the latter with a Michelin-starred chef). So it remains to be seen how long Los Feliz will actually stick around.

In the meantime, do head over to Bowery Boogie to check out the clever tactics Los Feliz used to try to hide the bright orange "Closed by Court Order" taped to its door – namely, plastering the windows of its vestibule with newspaper.