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New York Reaches Peak Bone Broth With Seaport Broth Festival

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Even Katz's is getting in on the bone broth action at Broth Fest, which takes place in an inflatable cube at South Street Seaport this month.


Well, this is it. New York (and the country) has spent the past four months whipping itself into a brodo frenzy, and now it's all coming to a head with a bone broth festival. It was clearly inevitable, and yet somehow it still comes as a shock. The Broth Fest, as this event has been dubbed, will take place on March 14 at South Street Seaport, inside the enormous glowing, inflatable tent called the Sugarcube, which has taken up residence on Fulton Street for the winter. It will not involve any of New York's bone broth big shots – including Marco Canora's Brodo – but instead a random assortment of restaurants that have yet to get in on the trend. Those include Baz Bagel, Caracas Arepa Bar, the brand new Belle Reve, and (of all places) Katz's Deli.

No word on exactly what sorts of broths these businesses will be ladling out, but for $33 a person, brodo freaks will get to spend an hour and a half in the tent, sampling all the stock they want. The event will also feature live DJs and local designers selling non-brodo goods. Tickets for time slots running from noon to 9 p.m. are for sale online now.