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New Yorkers Tip Below the National Average for Food Delivery

At least we tip better when the weather gets worse.

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According to recent data, New Yorkers are far from being the best tippers in the country. Gothamist got Seamless and GrubHub to send over the numbers on just how much New Yorkers tip delivery workers—not including cash tips, only those paid via credit card. It turns out that the average New Yorker tipped just 13.1 percent of the delivery bill, 0.8 percent lower than the national average of 13.9 percent. That means that, according to GrubHub, "NYC doesn't crack the top 25 cities." You'd expect more from a city that gets as much delivery as New York.

At the very least, the New York tipping average did go up during inclement weather. According to data from Seamless, on really bad weather days like January 21st, 2014 (12 degrees, lots of snow) the tip percentage shot up to 16 percent. January 26th of this year saw another sharp increase, with tips reaching 9 percent higher than the city's year-round average, an interesting development, considering DeBlasio banned all deliveries after 11:00 p.m. that day. For those interested in how the boroughs break down, residents of the Bronx and Manhattan increased their tips the least in bad weather—4 percent and 8 percent, respectively. And the highest tippers come from Brooklyn and Queens, whose residents will shell out an extra 11 percent to not have to go out during a snow storm.