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Opening Alert: Load Up on Chicken Fried Steak and Avocado Margaritas at Javelina Tonight

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A taste of the Lone Star State comes up north.

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Nick Solares

New York doesn't offer much for ex-Texans. But, tonight, Javelina will bring a little piece of the long star state up north, complete with cacti and a wild pig mascot. The restaurant, which is named after that pig (who is stuffed and mounted over the bar) specializes in upscale Tex-Mex cooking — that means stuffed chile rellenos, Texan enchiladas with cheese, onions, red chili gravy, chili con carne, and pickled jalapenos, and the classic chicken fried steak. And queso. So much queso there's even a "queso sampler."

Yesterday, Eater got a look at the space and the food menu. But to fully prepare for tonight's opening, one might also want to peruse the drink menu, which includes frozen margaritas in flavors like avocado and cilantro and prickly pear, plus margs on the rocks in yet more flavors, like tomatillo, and habanero peach. There are also cocktails like a spicy negroni made with mezcal, Campari, sweet vermouth, mole bitters, and orange peel. And, Shiner Bock, king of Texan beers is of course on tap.

Check out the booze menu below and take a look at the food menu and the space right this way.

Javelina Cocktail List

Javelina Tex-Mex

119 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003