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Columbia's Favorite Greasy Chinese Spot Ollie's Catches Fire, Explodes

Five people were injured.


Two explosions and a fire at 116th and Broadway last night destroyed an outpost of Ollie's, a greasy Chinese restaurant that has served as a hangover haven for nearby Columbia students for more than a decade.

The building, which is also a Barnard dorm, was evacuated. "I went out on the street and the whole storefront is falling off...There was a second explosion, there was already black smoke coming out of the building. There was smoke and dust," a student to the Daily News.

The explosions ripped off the facade of the building:

Police say the first started in the boiler room of the dorm and spread to Ollie's. Five people, including four fire fighters were injured.

Ollie's Noodle Shop

2957 Broadway, New York, NY 10025 (212) 932-3300