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Aby Rosen Charges Ahead With Plans to Remodel The Four Seasons

What will happen to the restaurant? Hopefully, we'll know soon.

Daniel Krieger

Yesterday, it looked like Aby Rosen, the landlord of the famed Four Seasons, had submitted an application for renovations of the Philip Johnson-designed restaurant to the Landmarks Committee without telling restaurant owners Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder. Today that's confirmed. Rosen will present his plans for remodeling to the Landmarks Committee of the Community Board 5 tonight. According to the Post, the plans show that certain iconic features, like the pool and the mezzanine will stay in place, as they must under landmarks law. The walls and carpets, meanwhile, will get spruced up, the kitchen and electrical system will be redone, and Rosen plans to install new items from his considerable art collection. Rosen, Niccolini and von Bidder are still supposedly in discussions about what will happen when the restaurant's lease expires in 2016, but it looks like Rosen may be charging ahead without the pair.

The Four Seasons Restaurant

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