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Looks Like the Original Shake Shack Is Set to Make a Big Comeback in May

It's applying to hold a "reopening" event in Madison Square Park in early May.

Soon, life will be like this again.
Soon, life will be like this again.
Nick Solares

The April agenda for Manhattan's Community Board 5 gives a vital clue as to when the original Madison Square Park Shake Shack might finally reopen following its top-to-bottom renovation. On the list for the board's Parks and Public Spaces meeting on April 2 is an application to "hold 'Shake Shack Reopening'" in the park on May 8, from noon to 8 p.m.

A Shake Shack representative tells Eater that despite this listing, "we haven't announced any reopening dates," and "it's all TBD." Still, whether or not festivities take place that exact day, this does seem to confirm that the burger stand that started it all should be open again by early May. That's a bit behind schedule – when Shake Shack closed back in October, it predicted that renovations would take five months. But after a long, snowy winter, those five months have come and gone and it's not quite ready to go yet.

Clearly, the Shack team is planning something big for the grand reopening. They're never ones to miss a stunt, usually one involving huge-name chefs, so count on long lines and who knows what else when that opening does roll around.

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