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Ess-A-Bagel May Reopen Right Next Door to Another Bagel Shop

With Tower Bagels, that puts three bagel shops within throwing distance.


When the beloved Ess-A-Bagel announced it would cool the ovens at its original location on 1st Avenue, the team promised that it would return "just down the block." Where, exactly, down the block is still unknown. First, it looked like the bagel shop was moving into the old Frenchmen space at 333 1st Avenue, but according to Town & Village, that's probably not the case, since the son of the Frenchman's owner says he's not looking for a food tenant.

However, a co-owner of Cooper Laundromat, which just closed at 363 1st Avenue, recently reported that Ess-A-Bagel has expressed interest in taking over the space. But now EV Grieve learns that if the shop does open there, it will have a neighboring competitor. An outpost of Tal Bagels is under construction right next door. Oh, and there's still that mystery Tower Bagels, which is rumored to be taking over the former Ess-A-Bagel space. New Yorkers love their bagels, but three shops within 200 feet seems like a lot, no? Stay tuned.

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