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Many Restaurants Still Closed, Others Offering Help Near Site of the EV Explosion

It could be a while before restaurants like Jimmy's No. 43, Paul's Da Burger Joint, and B&H Dairy are able to reopen.

Jarret Meskin

The saddest news today from the scene of the East Village explosion is that both people reported missing following the disaster have now been found dead in the rubble of the collapsed Sushi Park. One of those was Moises Ismael Locón Yac, a 27-year-old busboy at cheap sushi restaurant. According to the Times, Locón had moved here seven years ago from Guatemala to make money, and had planned to return there to reunite with his girlfriend later this year. The other victim was the 23-year-old Nicholas Figueroa, who, as previously reported, was on a date at Sushi Park.

Meanwhile, many businesses in the immediate area are still closed until further notice. Jimmy's No. 43 and Burp Castle, which were in the building immediately behind 121 2nd Avenue (the last to collapse) are waiting on the city's approval to reopen:

Jimmy's reportedly suffered some water damage in the effort to douse the fire, though it's unclear to what extent. Owner Jimmy Carbone is currently asking people to support his beer bar by buying gift certificates, or donating larger sums of money to become a patron (which comes with benefits and access to special events down the road).

Except for Stage, which reopened its ancient lunch counter to diners (including Helen Mirren) just one day after the explosion, despite being behind police barricades, it looks like everything else on that block between 6th Street and 7th Street is still closed. That includes Bar Virage, San Loco, Paul's Da Burger Joint, Taqueria Diana, Ramen Misoya, and B&H Dairy. According to its Facebook page, B&H only just got in to survey the damage yesterday:

Yesterday the Fire Department let us go inside the store finally clean and fixed the place today we go too .The place look Good Tanky God

Posted by B&H Dairy Kosher Restaurant on Sunday, March 29, 2015
Sounds like they made it out ok, although there was clearly some garbage to be dealt with. Its neighboring restaurants are most likely in similar positions. Worse for them will be the loss of business for what could be quite a few days. Update: Paul's reopened this afternoon.

Meanwhile, restaurants beyond that immediate block are returning to business as usual. Even just on the other side of 7th from the collapse, old school Jewish bakery Moishe's is back open. Over the weekend, Moishe Perl was there, handing out fresh cinnamon rolls to the firefighters on the scene:
Other nearby restaurants and bars have also started chipping in to help out those displaced by the explosion. If you know of any others who are doing so, or have news from any restaurants affected, please send a line to