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Tuome Shutters For a Night, Maybe More After Small Kitchen Fire

A Sunday morning fire damaged the kitchen of the critical darling.

Bess Adler

A small fire broke out at Alphabet City critical darling Tuome early yesterday morning, reports EV Grieve. The FDNY was only on site for 30 minutes, but according to a building resident, the kitchen at Tuome was damaged: "Tuome is gone for at least a week, maybe more. It was an oil fire from their kitchen that had started as early as 7 a.m. when I smelled it from upstairs." There's nothing posted on the restaurant's social media accounts or its voicemail that confirms that, but the restaurant was closed last night during dinner. Eater has reached out to the team, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, Minca Ramen, which shares the same address, is open.


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