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After 80 Years of Egg Creams, Prospect Heights Diner Tom's to Start Serving Booze

The well-loved neighborhood breakfast spot is getting a liquor license, and launching dinner.

Bess Adler

Tom's Restaurant, the decades-old Prospect Heights diner (unrelated to the Upper West Side stalwart/Seinfeld hangout of the same name), just got approval from the local Community Board to start serving alcohol for the first time ever, after 80 years of serving only cherry-lime rickeys and egg creams. This is a major move for the well-loved breakfast and lunch spot, which only just starting serving dinner on Saturdays only last year.

As soon as Tom's secures its full liquor license from the SLA, it also plans to stay open for dinner every night of the week. And, on top of that, it's opening up its backyard, to add more seats (something to dream about while the snow still blows outside). Weekend dinners at Tom's currently consist of old-school entrees like spaghetti and meatballs, and meatloaf, but breakfast is served all day, so the best move here will really be to take the breakfast-for-dinner route and order a stack of pancakes.

Tom's Restaurant

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