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Mazen Mustafa Replaces Ryan Tate at Haute Farm-to-Table Restaurant Blenheim

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Tate is the second chef to leave Blenheim in the nine months it's been open.

Daniel Krieger

Rumors have been floating for the past month that Ryan Tate was leaving the kitchen at Blenheim and today Flo Fab confirms it. The executive chef job is now filled by Mazen Mustafa who worked at Corton, the Elm, and the very short-lived Apiary replacement,  Après. Mustafa hasn't changed the menu yet, but a release says "The menu will transition gradually to Chefs Mazen's cuisine and should be fully implemented by early spring." No word on where Tate is hoping to land, but the release says he's "moving on to spend time on his own projects." Eater has reached out to the chef, so stay tuned.

This is the second time in the restaurant's nine months in existence that it's undergone a major chef shuffle. The opening chef, Justin Hilbert, left the restaurant after about a month and Tate, who had recently closed his Michelin-starred Tribeca restaurant, Le Restaurant, signed on a month later.

When Ryan Sutton reviewed Blenheim back in October, he was impressed by some of the food coming out of Tate's kitchen. But ultimately, service missteps and a few not-great dishes brought the restaurant down to a one star review.

Meanwhile, the rapidly expanding Torrisi empire will finally pour a bucket of red sauce on Park Slope this fall, at 202 Flatbush Avenue, about a year behind schedule.


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