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Could the Grand Banks Team Open a Restaurant in an Old Oyster Barge?

They're restoring an 1880's oyster barge and bringing it to Red Hook.

The oyster barge in question.
The oyster barge in question.
Grand Banks

The team behind Grand Banks, the idyllic seasonal floating bar in Hudson on a restored 19th century schooner, may bring another floating restaurant to NYC. Alex and Miles Pincus and restaurateur Mark Firth recently acquired the last intact New York City oyster barge in the country. The 1880's barge has been docked in New Haven for some time, but the team plans to start dismantling it on Wednesday and moving it to Red Hook.

The trio isn't quite sure what will become of it once it's moved and restored, but it may be a restaurant, museum, or both. Alex Pincus told The New Haven Independent he wasn't certain because, "I don't know the model yet." Red Hook already has a floating museum, so we're gunning for a restaurant or bar of some sort. But first the barge needs to get to Red Hook. The Maritime Foundation, a project of the Pincus boys, is soliciting donations to help with the move, which they expect to cost about $25K and the restoration, which could cost up to half a million dollars.